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Volkswagen T1 Mini Bus

Volkswagen T1 Mini Bus
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Volkswagen T1 Minibus: Bulli, Splitty, Vanagon, Samba, T2, Campervan many different names for a fantastic, unique people carrier that has become a rolling icon. Whether you want to flash back into the swinging times of Surfing California with the Beach Boys playing on the radio, or re-experience the Beat Generation or Flower Power times, or again just want to wander in tune with environment around you, this is your prefect travel companion. Bring your friends...


  • Year: 1962
  • Seats: 9
  • Body: Mini Bus
  • Exterior colour: Pale Green/Ivory
  • Interior colour: Pale Green/Ivory
  • Capacity: 1.489
  • Drive side: LHD
  • Gearbox: 4+R Manual
  • Various: Luggage rack, Radio
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